Meet Helen

Get your dog measured by Helen herself, or avoid shipping costs and pick up your items direct. We'll be at these shows over the summer!

British Flyball Championships
13-16th August 2010

Rotherham Flyball
20-21st April 2010

Drax Flyball
26-28th August 2010

10th-11th September 2010

Redcar Flyball
25-26th Sept 2010

Please contact me if you want to collect items or have your dog measured at any of these shows. Tessie does not have a trade stand, but I will be around competing with my own dogs and supporting friends.


I began making cards to raise money for Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue in 2000. My cards started off as very simple but original designs, and quickly became popular. Now my cards have developed and we now offer a range for all events.

As an owner of sighthounds myself, I know it's hard not to spoil such beautiful creatures. I started making collars and tassels for my dogs, and as we became involved in flyball, harnesses as well. Tessie has simply grown with demand, and my collars, tassels and cards are still stocked in Tia shops. I have also provided collars and tassels to help greyhound and lurcher rescue centers in Switzerland, Belgium, and France raise money for their cause.

This website went live in January 2007, and was fully re-designed in April 2010 to offer the full range of cards, collars, leads, harnesses and tassels.



Tess was the inspiration behind the entire Tessie range. She was rescued by Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue and came home to us in 1999, when she was eight months old and a nervous wreck. Missing a toe and terrified of men, Tess behaved more like a veteran than a puppy, but as the months went by she became more confident and we formed a very special bond. She could pull the most hilarious expressions, you could tell exactly what she was thinking and she gave me the idea for the cheeky dog in my cards. It seemed only right that the products I sell should be known as Tessie.

Sadly in September 2006, Tess passed away suddenly after a viral infection. She is very much missed and always in my heart.

The "Tessie" Dogs

We currently share our home with five dogs; three lurchers (Poppy, Chip and Fly) and two crossbreeds (Whisky and Jet).

Whisky Poppy
Whisky Poppy
Jet Chip Chip
Jet Chip Fly