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Tessie Harnesses

Lightning Strikes Flyball teams "Rat Pack"

Tessie Harnesses

Charlie (Border Colle) in his Body-Wrap Harness, at the British Flyball Championships 2009

Tessie Harnesses

Pogo (Whippet)

Tessie Harnesses

Bailey (Crossbreed) in her black/pink harness.
Bailey's owner Emma says "very good quality and Helen is always willing to try and accomodate special requests."

Tessie Harnesses

Mollie (Collie cross) in her Body-Wrap Flyball Harness.

Tessie Harnesses

Skye (Border Collie) in her black/pink harness.


I am a member of Leeds 'Owlers flyball team with my youngest dog Chip. Flyball is fast and furious, and most dogs need to wear a snug fitting, comfortable and strong harness to race in. Looking good is also important! In January 2009, I started making harnesses for club members and after much interest from other clubs, I began selling them further afield through Flyball Fever. Although these harnesses were designed for flyball dogs, lots of people use them as an alternative for collars when out walking, or at agility shows. They are versatile, and as they are made to measure they fit all breeds, shapes and sizes.

The harnesses are made from strong webbing, with an outside padding of either lycra or fleece. Fleece is the traditional padding material, but we also offer a padded-out lycra version which is proving to be very popular. The flyball mud just brushes off this fabric after being left to dry, and it is cooler in the summer. The example featured below is made from blue webbing and hot-pink lyrca.

Tessie Harnesses

The harnesses are created by hand and are made-to-measure. All sewing is done on an industrial sewing machine and the fittings are high-quality, with two hard plastic clips and a stainless steel lead ring.

Tessie harnesses have been thoroughly tested by Border Collies, Working Sheepdogs, Labradors, Lurchers and a variety of crossbreeds. Our flyballing test dogs trained and raced in their harnesses indoors on turf, indoors on rubber matting and outdoors in all weathers.

Fleece Harness: £15.00 (+ p&p)
Lycra Harness: £17.00 (+ p&p)

Prices may vary for much smaller or larger harnesses, so please do contact me to find out more.


These are the colours available for the webbing.

Webbing Webbing Colour Webbing Colour Webbing Colour Webbing Colour Webbing Colour
  Khaki Green Emerald Royal Blue Light Blue
Webbing Colour Webbing Colour Webbing Colour Webbing Colour Webbing Webbing Colour
Pink Burgandy Red Yellow White Black

Fleece or Lycra Padding

These are the colours available for the outer padding. You can choose any one of these colours to go with any one of the webbing colours above.

Fleece Fleece Colour Fleece Colour Fleece Colour Fleece Colour Fleece Colour
  Yellow Purple Red Black Turquoise Blue
Lycra Lycra Colour Lycra Colour Lycra Colour Lycra Colour Lycra Colour
  Orange Dark Gold Light Gold Jade Light Blue
Lycra Colour Lycra Colour Lycra Colour Lycra Colour Lycra Colour Lycra Colour
Sand Pink Hot Pink Black Teal Dark Red

Please note: For Webbing, Fleece and Lyrca, I do sometimes have other colours available. If you want something that isn't listed here, please contact me with your specific requirements. I can also source colours if necessary for bulk orders.

Measuring Your Dog

Because all Tessie Harnesses are made-to-measure, we do need a few measurements along with your order. Click here to view our page on measuring your dog (please note this will navigate you away from this website, to the Flyball Fever site). Alternatively, you can arrange to meet up with Helen at any of the agility or flyball competitions we are attending over the summer and have her take the required measurements for you.