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Tessie Snoods

"Heres our Molly in her snood in the snow. When she sees the snood she ducks her head into it. She loves it!"
Paul Smithies

Tessie Snoods

One of our Tessie dogs, Poppy, keeping warm in her snood!

Tessie Snoods

Bertie in his Blue Pawprint Fleece Snood.

Snoods (£5.99)

A snood is somewhere between a scarf and a hood. They are worn around a dogs neck, sitting either just behind the ears or over the ears. They are great for keeping long necked dogs warm on winter walks; many coats just don't stretch about their neckline. Alternatively, people like to use them for dogs with large ears, to stop them getting in the way during meal times, or for show dogs with hairy ears, to stop them getting windswept! Either way, the snood is a welcome addition to every dogs wardrobe.

Our Snuggle Snoods have two layers of fleece for double the warmth, and a small secure hole to attach your lead to the dog's collar underneath the snood so they can be worn on walks.

The Regular size Snuggle Snood will fit most dogs irregardless of size, but for breeds with shorter necks the Snuggle Snood is available in a smaller size.

If you have any questions regarding size and which size would best suit your dog, or indeed about custom made snoods, please contact me.

Our dogs wear their snoods on their winter walks, but also at bedtime on chilly camping trips throughout the year, or in the car on cold days at competitions.

Original Tessie Snuggle Snood

The Original Tessie Snuggle Snood is made from ribbed fleece in reversable yellow/navy, and is warm, snuggley and soft.


The Fleece Snood is more lightweight than the Original or Sherpa fleece, but still keeps your dog warm and insulated on cold days.

Plain Fleece Snood

Fleece Snoods

Available in Red, Blue (pictured), or Black.

Pawprint Fleece Snood

Fleece Snoods

Available in Red, Blue, or Pink with Black pawprint motif.

Patterned Fleece Snood

We are currently offering our Fleece Snood in three patterned fleeces.

Patterned Fleece SnoodPatterned Fleece SnoodPatterned Fleece Snood

Available in Red Tartan, Green Camo, or Blue Tartan.

Sherpa Fleece

The Sherpa Fleece is a thicker type of fleece with a "bobbled" texture, which offers a little more warmth and comfort for your dog. Perfect for those hounds who feel the cold!

Sherpa Fleece SnoodsSherpa Fleece SnoodsSherpa Fleece Snoods

The Sherpa Snood is available in Red Pawprint, Light Blue Pawprint, or Grey Pawprint.