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Tessie Tassels

I have been selling tassels since 2004 and in the first three years, we sold over 400 pairs, with a percentage of the profits being donated to Tia Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue. These tassels are still as popular as ever!

Tassels can are designed to be attached to your dog's collar and add a little sparkle to our beloved sighthounds. They are intended as accessories whilst your dogs are lounging at home or attending special events. I don't recommend leaving them on your dog's collar whilst they are out on walks or playing with other dogs, and would caution that my tassels are intended for older dogs who have grown out of their puppy chewing phase!

I make them in a variety of colours and with different beads, so they all slightly different; your dog will have a truly unique addition to their wardrobe! Each tassel consists of two leather or suede tassels, six to eight beads and there is a choice of either the Lobster Clasp or the Solid Keyring. All beads co-ordinate with the leather, and fittings are either silver or gold coloured.

Lobster Clasp Solid Keyring
Lobster Clasp
Lobster clips are secure, but also makes it easy to move your tassels around (to other collars, bags etc) and easily clip and unclip them.
Solid Keyring
Keyrings are very strong, but are not as easy to unclip. Ideal if you don't intend on removing the tassels.

Tassel Gallery

A few examples of Tessie Tassels.

Tessie Tassels Tessie Tassels
Tessie Tassels Tessie Tassels

Colours: The colours that we have include red, purple, pink, brown (dark and light), grey, green, navy and black. Occasionally we have other colours, so if you can't see what you want here, then please email to see what I have in stock.

All tassels are priced at £3.99

Please note that each pair of tassels is unique, and so we cannot include pictures here of every tassel available. If you're interested in purchasing a tassel, let me know what colour you'd like and I'll send you the closest match. Or, if you're buying one of the Tessie Collars, I'll match a tassel to the purchase on your request.